Bombardier improved its already successful Global Express when it introduced the upgraded XRS in 2003. The Global Express XRS bears all of the qualities of its ultra long-range older sibling, but with greater range and a modified design. With significant improvements, it’s no surprise that the XRS replaced the original Express in 2005. The Global Express XRS is able to complete transcontinental and intercontinental flights due to its incredible powerhouse. The XRS gains this power from two Rolls-Royce BR 10A2-20 turbofan engines. These engines produce 14,750 lbs of thrust each. Consequently, the XRS earns bragging rights with its 6,100+ nautical mile range. The XRS is designed to travel at high speeds and high altitudes. Improved from its predecessor, the wing is swept back 35 degrees, and features high ratio root-to-tip taper and high aspect ratio. Four sections of aluminum slats also enable the aircraft to takeoff and land at lower speeds.

Technical Specifications

Seats13-17 Seats
Height6 ft 3 in
Width8 ft 2 in
Length48 ft 4 in
Range6,300 nm
ManufacturerBombardier Aerospace
Speed499 knots
Max Altitude51,000 ft.
Baggage195 cu ft

Carmel by the Sea